Jan 14

Daily Triathlon Tip: Train for Tris via safe winter outdoor running!

p_screwshoeHow do you get your running and triathlon training in during the winter?  How do you avoid slipping and sliding (and crashing!) all over the place? How do you decide between screw-shoes, yaktrax, snowshoes, and a treadmill?  These are all easy ways to do your winter miles, two of them requiring minimal gear.

Here are my favorite ways to get your winter run training in:

  1. Make a pair of “screw shoes”- these are normal (I use old somewhat beat up) running shoes with screws (you have to use the right kind!) driven into the soles of them.
    1. They are perfect for when you are running mostly on pavement but with the occasional icy patch
    2. The secret is that you drive the screws up from the sole of the shoe- you are not running on the screw spikes, but on the heads of the screws.
    3. For obvious reasons, you can’t use this trick on Nike “Air” shoes or you will leak the air out!
    4. Here are complete instructions for how to make them
  2. Use Yaktrax- I just finished a run on these, and I love them.31FRT78C3OL._SL500_AA300_
    1. They are great for runs that are snowy and icey but not soft
    2. Slipperier than screw-shoes on pavement, but much better on really icy conditions
    3. I use them for runs on a local dedicated unplowed “rail-trail”- its snow and ice the whole way
    4. Yaktrax Walker Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice
  3. Use Snowshoes
    1. perfect for real trail running when there is enough snow to sink into
    2. A bit slower/harder to run properly in, but a really fun workout
    3. I use dedicated atlas “running/racing” snowshoes and love them
  4. Learn to XC Ski:
    1. This is how I get the majority of my winter training in
    2. Takes a bit to learn but a great workout, and the arms are really good training for swimming
  5. Buy a Treadmill
    1. We have one in the basement.  Its how I run during the week.
    2. Yes, its a bit boring (less so now that Downton Abby is on PBS.org, woohoo!) but there is somethign to be said for waking up, putting on your HR strap and shoes, and getting the miles done.
    3. Do NOT buy the nordictrack android treadmills- ours has been broken more than half the time we have owned it!

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