Apr 24

The Journey To Ironman Starts With a Single Sprint: First Triathlon, First Podium for T1Tri Client Fred

Fred Exiting Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon Swim


Coach Notes: Fred started working with us a few months ago never having done a triathlon, but really pscyhed to train for the Wildflower half ironman.  I convinced him to do a sprint race first as a tune up, and it went really well! He podiumed in his first ever triathlon! (That may be a first for one of our clients) Since then, Fred has also decided that after his Half Ironman in a few weeks, he is going to train for his first Ironman.  Go Fred!  

Here is Fred’s first triathlon race report:

What an amazing experience!  I am hooked.  So, here is how it went down…

I got there around 6 pm and was shocked to see so many cars there already!  But I put my Jeep Wrangler in a nice spot and made my way down to figure this thing out.  I walked for about 5 minutes, pushing my bike and carrying two bags. (I think I am going to a back pack) As I walked down to the check-in area to pick up my race packet, I soaked it all in.  I have Triathlondreamed of this moment for so very long, it was like being in a really nice dream. I collected my stuff and went into the transition area to set up.  Basically I was a gaze at all going around me, and a few sweet young girls set up next to me and then started asking me questions on how to set up..lol.

Right at this time, perhaps 1 hour before the race, a female triathlete friend of mine showed up to help me set up!  Wow, that helped!  But I got set up nicely, and see that it is not that big a deal, and just how to do it.  I made my way into the water, as we had a deep water start by waves.  I was the third wave.  There were a lot of us in my age group and we were bunched up a bit, but all in all the start was smooth for me and the water nice, about 63 degrees. I will need to also get a sleeveless wetsuit too, it would have been perfect for this event.  As it was, I struggled at first and could not see, the sun was in my eyes and my goggles were fogging.  Wow, I got tired fast not being used to the wetsuit. I swung too far out and lost time that way on the swim.  There were these orange buoys to go around, and I heard talk in the water while we were waiting for our wave to go, about swimming around the buoys.  But that was wrong and I realized soon enough.  About 10 minutes into the swim I felt a lot better, did some back strokes and then finally got into a nice swim groove.

Triathlon UvasI came out of the water on saw one of my friends and his daughter there cheering me.  First, my friend shows up and then I see my other friend and his daughter there, that inspired me and touched me.  M transition was good  and smooth and I had a nice pretty fast bike ride where I think I gained a lot of time.  The run was slow and we started uphill.  I didn’t push too hard on the run, I just soaked it all in and enjoyed the experience.  I wish I would have stayed to find out I took third in my age group, I could have gotten more prizes!


I left just after I finished.  On the drive out I cried a bit, having completed my first Triathlon.  Emotions came up pretty strongly.  I am so glad I have this one under my belt now, I feel much more confident about Wildflower now, and kinda know what to expect.

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