New Triathletes

Unlike most coaching companies who build their business around coaching pro, elite, or sub-elite athletes who have build their entire lifestyle around triathlon training and racing, T1 Triathlon is dedicated to newer triathletes with active non-triathlon lives.

A huge part of our business is working with newer triathletes, either those who are new to the sport entirely, or who are new to the longer distances in the sport.

Unlike other companies, we don’t assume our client’s life revolves around triathlon.  We let them tell us how much, when and where they want to work out.  We work with them to develop realistic yet challenging goals specific to their background, time constraints and skills.

We also spend a lot of time with our newer athletes getting them familiar with the technical aspects of the sport.  We do bike fitting, gear selection, race strategy and tactics, pacing, and race nutrition.  Anything that is required to get them to the finish line is part of our job.

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