Nov 25

How to bike faster in triathlon: Tritip- How to get passed efficiently

T1 Tip of the Day: Legal Drafting (Part 3) Getting Passed

How do you let yourself get passed and still gain an aerodynamic advantage?

First- the key rule to remember. Once you have been passed (the overtaking rider’s front wheel passes in front of yours), you have 15 seconds to drop back 3 bike lengths out of the drafting zone.

What does everyone do wrong? They immediately try to re-pass the jerk who passed them. Not only is this against the rules, its also a waste of a great opportunity to take a legal rest.

What is the correct thing to do? Its called “the reverse slingshot pass”.
-review the rules here.
-Once the rider has passed you, ease up and position yourself right right behind them.
-slow down your effort and take a rest as you draft them (legally!) and slowly drop out the back of the draft zone (create a 3 bike length gap between your front wheel and the back of their rear wheel)
-once you are at 3 bike lengths, you can hold position, and still nurse a 10% aero advantage while in that position.
-once you have nursed that 10% legal aero advantage for a while you can decide what to do next- either repass the jerk who passed you the first time (see slingshot passing) or ease up again and let them go.

As always you can:

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