Dec 02

Tri Tip of The Day: Run in the Heat with the Michael Jackson Ice Glove


Torbjørn Sindballe The Inventor of the Ice Glove Trick

When running in the heat, what can you do (beyond suffer) to go faster?

One trick- the Torbjorn Ice Glove.  (Named after the pro who invented it for Kona).

The problem- ice is really helpful to manage heat when racing, but there isn’t anywhere good to put it while running (beyond your hat, which is the first place)

The solution-

  • buy rubber surgical/latex/nitrile gloves.
  • Wear one on your left hand during the run. (I put it in a gu-loop on my number belt then put it once I get organized out of T2)
  •  Once you get through the aid station and pick up your ice (while running), put half in your hat and put your hat back on.
  • While keeping your left hand in its glove, use one finger on your right hand to pull open the wrist of the glove, and pour the rest of the ice into the glove
  • As the ice slowly melts the water drips out
  • It is COLD!
  • This is a great spot because you have a LOT of bloodflow through your hands- you will be amazed at how much this helps.

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