Pricing Philosophies:

  • Here at T1 Triathlon we offer our clients two different ways to go.  
  • Option 1: “All you can eat.”
    • Fixed price per month, includes as many of every service as you want.
    • Bike fits. Run Form.  Workouts scheduled and analyzed.  Races prepped and analyed.  Workouts rescheduled because of a sudden business trip.  Everything included as many times as you want
    • Unlimited email, phone access to the coach whenever you need it.
  • Option 2: “Pay for what you need”
    • This option lets you choose what you want each month from the menu, and only pay for what you use.
    • This option includes a lot less back-and-forth with the coach, and workout planning is only done 1x per month (ie we discuss your scheudle for the month, your constraints, etc, and we lay out your workouts- if you need to make changes because of work, sickness etc that isnt included)
  • Email us to get started!

Here are the items on the Menu:

Workout Plans:

  • Sit down (in-person or on-phone) with us, and go over your season’s races, your athletic history, your goals, your constraints, and your schedule
  • We create a one-time season plan for you, including every workout on every day
  • Get access to your full workout plan online on a custom built website
  • If you are interested in our Season Planning servicse, please email the coach directly
Online Bike Fit Analysis:
  • You take a video of your bike fit, and send it to us
  • We analyze it using our fit database and video analysis tools, and make suggestions for what needs changing to optimize your fit, speed and comfort
  • We have written the master manual on doing remote bike fit analysis.
  • Email us to get started!
Online Running Form Analysis
  • You take a video of your running form, and send it to us
  • We analyze it using our video analysis tools, and suggest things for you to focus on, and give you drills to correct errors in your form
  • If you are interested in run form technical details, or in seeing behind the curtain on what we do, we literally wrote the book on online run form analysis.

Race Plans and Post-Race Analysis

  • Before a big race, develop a detailed, customized race plan
  • Plan includes detailed pacing targets for each phase of each leg of the race
  • Plan is customized to both you, your history and training, and to the course you are racing, the expected weather, and your goals in the race
  • Plan includes detailed pre-race and in-race nutrition schedules
  • Post race detailed analysis of what worked, what didn’t, and how that should influence your future races and training.
  • Email us to get started!