• Art running really fast at Ironman Arizona 2012

    Art had a great race and a particularly awesome run, screaming in for a 3:46 run split!

T1 Traithlon Client Art: From Non-athlete to 3x Ironman finisher (at Kona!) in 18 months:

Art’s First Year:

  • In just 5 months, we took Art from non-triathlete to 3 half ironman and one Ironman finish!
  • In his first year we cut 45 minutes off his Half Ironman PR, and coached him to a top half Ironman finish

Art’s Second Year:

  • He then went on in his 2nd year in triathlon to do two Ironmans in 5 weeks, and to further drop his Ironman PR from 12:20 to 10:50.
    • He raced Kona (in his 2nd year in triathlon!) and at Arizona only 5 weeks later
    • He set PR’s at both of his Ironman’s

Art’s Third Year:

Multiple Other Athlete Successes:

  • We took an experienced mid distance triathlete through his first Ironman, which he finished in style despite blazing hot conditions, and finished in the top quarter of his very competitive age group.
  • We have many other athletes training for their first ironman.
  • We have many more doing their first olympic or sprint distance races this summer.