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Aug 07

Daily Triathlon Tip: You Can Train to Bike Hills Indoors on a Cycling Trainer!

Indoor Bike Trainer

Want to work on strength+hills, but stuck in Kansas? It IS possible to train for riding hills indoors on a bike trainer! Just follow a few simple tips!

Jun 06

Triathlon Swim Tips: How to Draft on the Swim

Triathlon Swim Drafting

T1 Tip of the day: Legal Drafting (Part 5) How to draft on the swim. Do you want to swim faster with less effort?  Do you want to exit a triathlon swim fresh and ready for the bike?  Do you want to focus less on navigating all over the course, and more on looking for …

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May 27

Daily Triathlon Tip: Which Aerobars to Use on Your Road Bike for Triathlon

These are the correct aerobars for a road bike for traithlon!

Are you doing triathlons on your road bike?  Do you want to ride fast on a traditional road frame, and make the switch to a dedicated triathlon bike later?  Plenty of riders do triathlons on their road bicycles, and that is 100% fine.  The trick when adding aero-bars to a road bike is to realize you can’t …

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May 22

Daily Triathlon Tip: How to Calibrate your Computrainer


How do you calibrate your computrainer indoor cycling training system?  Over time the wattage it displays drifts out of calibration and will be telling you incorrect wattages.  You can send it back to Computrainer, or you can do this yourself. Related posts: Daily Triathlon Tip: You Can Train to Bike Hills Indoors on a Cycling …

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May 20

Daily Triathlon Tip: How to Climb Hills In Triathlon Correctly

HR power cadence

How do you ride up a hill in a triathlon? Do you sprint up, gasping for air? spin up it slowly? Let a thousand people pass you?  Almost everyone in triathlon is doing this wrong! The key- ride up the hill NO  HARDER than you were riding on the flats before.  Don’t sprint.  Don’t do …

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May 15

Daily Triathlon Tip: The Best Gear for Indoor Triathlon Cycling Training


Indoor Triathlon cycling training.  Almost everyone has to do it sometimes!  Maybe its dark or raining.  Maybe you don’t live near safe cycling all the time.  Maybe there is 2 feet of snow on the ground. Maybe with your kids and schedule you can only workout at 11pm? (I do this often myself) I have …

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May 13

Daily Triathlon Tip: Be creative to find terrain to train on!

You can do any kind of training anywhere! Be Creative! Use this insane example! One of T1 Triathlon’s clients lives in a REALLY flat town.  Yet he is training for a hilly marathon, and he wanted to get hill intervals in.  What to do? Sprint up a parking garage!     Related posts: Daily Triathlon …

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May 06

From First Time Triathlete to World Championships in 2 years! Congrats Art!

Wanted to post a quick note of congratulations to T1 Triathlon coaching client Art- he has gone from non-triathlete (and non-athlete at all actually) to qualifying for the Half Ironman World Championships in Las Vegas in less than 2 years! Yesterday Art raced in the St. Croix Ironman 70.3 (one of the hardest half ironman …

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Mar 27

Daily Triathlon Tip: How to Race a Triathlon in the Rain


How do you race a triathlon in the rain?   How can you stay warm, go fast, and be safe on a wet triathlon, especially on the bike? This is in response to a reader question- here are a few tips: Swim Obviously, during the swim its sort of irrelevant if its wet and cold.  Swims are …

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Mar 08

Daily Triathlon Tip: Proper Triathlon Run Form for Normal Triathletes

This is a really great video for proper run form for triathletes training for long events. A few of his key points: Triathletes training for half and full Ironmans should realize that these events are all about “hanging on for the run” and not about running fast (until you get in the really elite ranks) …

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Mar 08

Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon 2013: Really Refrigerated Race Report

Alcatraz Triatalon

The First (and hopefully only) Early March Escape from Alcatraz Race Report for Silas Bauer March 3, 2012 On March 3, I raced the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon, a famous and famously hard tri that usually takes place in June, but due to the America’s cup race in San Francisco Bay this summer the race …

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Jan 24

Daily Triathlon Tip: Fix your run form via focusing on your ARMS

Want to go faster for free on the run in your next triathlon?  Improve your run form by fixing your arm swing!  This is one of those “free speed” improvements that is really easy to do, and can make a surprisingly big difference.   Related posts: Daily Triathlon Tip: Run Form- Are you overstriding? Daily …

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Jan 24

Daily Triathlon Tip: Trisports.com just published a great collection of our tips!


T1 Triathlon just made the bigtime! A bunch of our “Daily Triathlon Tips” just got put together and published as one great post by the trisports.com blog- check it out right here!   As a “thank you!” trisports has offered ALL our readers a 15% off coupon- email the coach to get the code! Related …

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Jan 23

Daily Triathlon Tip: Strength training- is it a good match for YOU?

Strength training.  Gets a lot of debate within advanced triathlon circles.  Is strength training for triathletes great, or a waste of time?  The answer is it depends on the athlete.  For some, its a huge way to get faster (especially on the bike).  For others, its a waste of time.  It is for you? read …

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Jan 21

Daily Triathlon Tip: How to Find and Schedule Triathlons Near You.

Triathlon Mapper

How do you find triathlons that are the right length, and the right days, in the right locations?

Jan 18

Daily Triathlon Tip: Motivation- How to Stay Motivated for a Successful Triathlon Season


How do you stay motivated for a long triathlon season? How do you keep your life and your training balanced to make both more successful?

Jan 16

Daily Triathlon Tip: How to avoid Triathlon Overtraining!


We all want to train hard and race fast, but how do we avoid overtraining? Training too much puts you at risk of sickness and injury, and actually makes you SLOWER.

Jan 14

Daily Triathlon Tip: Train for Tris via safe winter outdoor running!


How do you get your running and triathlon training in during the winter?  How do you avoid slipping and sliding (and crashing!) all over the place? How do you decide between screw-shoes, yaktrax, snowshoes, and a treadmill?  These are all easy ways to do your winter miles, two of them requiring minimal gear. Here are …

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Jan 10

Race & Train More By Getting Your Partner Into Triathlons


What do many top triathletes have in common? They get their partners into Triathlon!

Jan 09

Daily Triathlon Tip: Mount your bike FAST and safe in Triathlon’s T1!

How do you do a fast triathlon T1 exit?  How do you lower your risk of crashing in the most dangerous 100 yards of any triathlon (the section right where everyone gets on their bikes after T1?) You learn how to mount your bike fast and safely and get out of there! Related posts: Daily …

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