Dec 05

Tri Tip of the Day: If you aren’t always in your aero-bars, get a new bike fit

A pretty solid bike fit

Its a simple fact.  If you aren’t comfortable riding race-length efforts in your aerobars, you need a new tri bike fit.

Racing on your aero bars is insanely faster than sitting up.  Its way more important than pedaling hard, or wearing an aero helmet, or race wheels, or any of those things.

Yet when you watch the middle of the pack, almost everyone in the 2nd half of the race is sitting up.  Ask them why and they say its because their back hurts, etc.  This means they need a new bike fit.  With a properly fit bike, ANYONE can ride a full race distance (including an ironman)  spending almost every second in the aerobars.

I offer bike fitting online, as do many other qualified fitters.  So ask yourself- am I spending enough time aero?  Additionally, you can perform your own bike fit using the DIY tri bike fit guide that I wrote.

As always you can:

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