Nov 29

Tri Tip of the Day: Free Triathlon Bike Speed- Ride on Fast Pavement!

T1Tri Tip of the Day: FREE TRIATHLON BIKE SPEED- Ride on the Smooth Part of the Road!  This tip takes no extra effort and makes a huge difference in your triathlon bike speed.  How? See below.

Where you ride on this road really matters!

It amazes me when I race how many people get this one wrong.  Most roads have ruts burned into them by trucks, and have been repaved a number of times.  Except for when passing or being passed, (and except when you may get a blocking penalty), take care to ride on the smoothest pavement.  Yes, the rules say to ride on the right, but be smart!

Look at the pic above-

  • You want to do the majority of your riding on the spot marked “cruise”
  • The “OK” slot is allright if you have to
  • Avoid the section marked “NO” at all costs!
  • I would use the far left side marked “passing” for passing

A few more notes:

  • Blocking penalties are very rare (I’ve literally heard of one person ever getting one) so I think you can interpret “right side” quite loosely
  • Experiment!  In the pic above, is the fastest pavement the newer stuff on the right (cruise), or the smoothest section of the old pavement (OK)? (my guess is marked “Cruise” but its easy to test
    • You can feel the right pavement when you find it- the effort gets easier and suddenly you want to shift up a gear.  And your teeth stop rattling.
  • Avoid that resealed stuff like the plague (marked “NO” above)- it is very flat prone, and it makes you slow, AND it hurts your elbows to ride on.

As always you can:

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