Jan 09

Daily Triathlon Tip: Mount your bike FAST and safe in Triathlon’s T1!

0How do you do a fast triathlon T1 exit?  How do you lower your risk of crashing in the most dangerous 100 yards of any triathlon (the section right where everyone gets on their bikes after T1?) You learn how to mount your bike fast and safely and get out of there!

The scariest part of any race is the first 100 yards of the bike, where everyone is swerving around, trying to clip their shoes in, and bumping into each other.  Follow this sequence to mount your bike fast and get out of there safely!

When setting up your gear:

  1. Clip your bike shoes into your pedals, and try to prop your shoes as unlaced and wide open as possible
  2. I find all the fiddly tricks you see advertised about elastic bands to way more trouble than they are worth- I just leave my shoes hanging.
  3. Leave your bike in a medium easy gear

When racing:

  1. Run to the mount line along one side (not in the middle!)  
  2. Run with one hand on each brake (not holding the stem or the middle of the bar or your seat!)
  3. If there is a crowd and everyone is stopping right at the mount line, run outside/around and past them-
    1. you can mount 20 yards past the mount line if necessary
    2. but stay to the side so you dont get run over!
  4. Get on the bike
    1. If you are up for it, try a flying mount- it IS possible to jump onto a bike from the side while running- practice this in a parking lot so you learn how not to land on your privates.- Look at 0:59 of this video
    2. Otherwise, while running, step your left foot on the left pedal, and WHILE THE BIKE IS ROLLING swing your right leg over and sit down- the key is to keep the bike rolling in this section
  5. once your are on the bike, do NOT fiddle with your feet- just put your feet on top of your bike shoes and pedal
    1. get out of the 100 yard crazy zone!
    2. Do not pass go, do not reach for a gu, do not look down, do not adjust your gears, do not collect $200, just get out of there!
  6. Once you are way way way away from the crazies, then you can coast for a bit and slide into your shoes while they are still clipped in
    1. Most people do this way too early
    2. I will often ride for as long as a mile to wait for the crowds to disperse and until i find a good downhill where i can slide into my shoes with the least amount of lost pedaling

Things to practice:

  • Mounting your bike either with the julmp or the swing
  • Practice on the trainer sliding into and out of your shoes while leaving them clipped in

As always you can:

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