Nov 19

T1Tri Tip of the Day: Avoid flats by using tire sealant in your triathlon race wheels!

T1Tri tip of the day: use tire sealant slimey stuff in your race tires to reduce flats!

It really sucks to get a flat on a race. You’ve trained too hard for this to happen, but it does anyway, all the time. Its doubly likely because the race tires you SHOULD be using are faster, but also thinner and more puncture prone.

So for insurance, use some anti-puncture slime in your race tubes (and in your training tubes). They dont always work, but they decrease your odds of getting a flat, at minimal money cost, and no speed cost.

Here is a really detailed article about all your options.

The product that I use is called “Flat Attack” 

Just a note: for almost all tire sealants you need something called “Removable core valves” which are no problem just make sure you already have them or order a new pair with your slimey stuff.

As always you can:

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